Why We Started

Introducing MANGO Math Group

The name MANGO is an acronym of the different math strands; measurement, algebra, number sense, geometry and data/probability which we changed to odds/order to create the O in MANGO. We  help educators teach these MANGO concepts with engaging, activity-based lessons. We love that the name brings a colorful, positive attitude towards math that is often missing.

Math is the single strongest indicator for future academic and financial success and MANGO Math helps to create that strong foundation.

Our Story

Mary Curry, a former math teacher, founded Mango Math in 2009. We started with the idea that we wanted to make math fun and engaging for students while making sure that it was easy for teachers, after school providers and parents to implement. We wanted math that was accessible to students so they could grab it and a few friends and have fun. Since 2009, MANGO Math has turned hundreds of thousands of children on to math. We are often notified by teachers about how students love MANGO Math and the students request to use it during their free time. We now offer lessons for each grade level, and some specialty lessons for concepts like money management and problem solving.

Each strong evidence based grade level kit is written with both the Common Core state standards as well as the NCTM standards in mind. We know that not all students are at grade level-some students are above grade level and some are below- so only our crates have the grade level written on it. Students working on a lesson only know they are playing an enjoyable game with friends. These lessons take the worksheet and rote learning skills and puts them into a fun, repetitive play that students will persevere at to master those skills needed to succeed in math.

Enjoy Math!

Help kids practice math in ways they enjoy

While having fun, students will learn collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity, all necessary skills of the 21st Century.

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