MANGO Math Meets ESSA's
Strong Evidence-Based Standards

MANGO MATH is an evidence-based curriculum that helps mitigate or reverse math learning loss.

Marian University – Indianapolis utilized MANGO MATH’s curriculum as part of its 5-year longitudinal survey on promising practices for stopping and reversing summer learning loss in under-served and under-represented youth[1].  The study was conducted by the university’s Klipsch Educators College Summer Learning Institute by Dr. Jeff Kellog, an AIMS web certified tester, and externally evaluated by Katie (McHugh) Arnold.

The study used Mango Math’s curriculum with 381 students one summer and 302 students the next summer. The program was used at 13 different summer program sites in Indiana with random placement of students and teachers. Students were tracked based on attendance and hours receiving instruction. Students receiving 8 or more hours of instruction were compared to students receiving less than 8 hours of instruction using the Mango Math curriculum. Students were tested using AIMSWEB progress monitoring scores.


Summer math learning loss did not occur for the students who participated in the program with as little as 8 hours of instructional training. Overall, AIMSWEB post-test scores were higher than pre-test scores, indicating that summer learning loss did not occur in the students who participated in the program. In fact, as the post-test scores were significantly higher than their pre-test scores, these results indicate that students math skills improved during the program. For children who participated in the math activities, math skills improved by an average of 1.19 (SE = 0.45) per student, an average rate of increase (ROI) of0.15 per week.

There were no statistically significant differences in scores between the 13 sites


Students using MANGO MATH’s curriculum in the Marian University study experienced no summer learning loss and actually improved their math skills, regardless of the amount of instruction received.

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