2022 December Educator Spotlight

2022 December Educator Spotlight

Dori Mears, Special Education Teacher (left) and Stacey Richard, Special Education Teacher (right)

MANGO Math partners with amazing educators!

MANGO Math gets to partner with amazing educators all across the United States.  The educators at Ponca City Public Schools in Ponca City, Oklahoma is one of them . The Ponca City School District is the 20th largest district in Oklahoma, with over 5,000 students attending 11 fully accredited schools with the philosophy of preparing students to live and work in a global society.
The district is known as a leader in the state, if not the nation, for the professional development provided to the employees. The district takes pride in having 13 Nationally Board Certified teachers and 28% of teachers with advanced degrees. Ponca City's ACT scores are continually above state and national averages.  Amy Swartz,  the director of Special Services, is one of their outstanding educators bringing new and fresh ideas to her students and colleagues.

Amy is the Director of Special Services, Ponca City Public Schools, Oklahoma

From Amy Swartz, Director of Special Services

"Mango Math is used at all 7 of Ponca City Public Schools’ elementary school sites in our special education resource classrooms as supplemental interactive activities, serving approximately 200 students.  Teachers love the ease of implementation of the kits and the kids love learning through the use of games.  One teacher shared, “I use Mango Math almost daily in my math groups. I love how easy it is to use the same game on a variety of levels. For example, I have played “Skipping Along” with a first grader working on counting by ones and with my fourth graders working on multiplication tables.”  Another teacher said, “I use Mango Math as centers to work on a skill we are learning. For example, we are in a money unit right now so we use the Money centers to get a hands on experience with the money and help the students understand real world experience. My favorite money center is the Check Out Challenge - they have a budget they must keep to, but want the most items for their buck. Kids have enjoyed it a great deal.”

Having great partners like Ponca City Schools with great educators like Amy Swartz, Dori Mears, and Stacey Richard prepares students for future success in a global society.
Students enjoying and succeeding in math is our goal at MANGO Math