How MANGO Math Helps Prevent Learning Loss - Research Study

How MANGO Math Helps Prevent Learning Loss - Research Study

February 14, 2017

MANGO Math curriculum was used by Marian University’s Summer Learning Institute in their mission to stop and reverse summer learning loss and to offer a unique vehicle for helping to build the STEM infrastructure in Indianapolis, IN.

Summer Learning Institute was continuing a 5-year longitudinal research study on Promising Practices for Stopping and Reversing Summer Learning Loss.

Recruiting 24 college students from 5 universities under the supervision of master teachers and using MANGO Math curriculum, Marian University followed the math progress of 381 underrepresented and under-served students over a 6 week out of school period of time.

“Summer learning loss . . . is one of the most significant causes of the achievement gap between lower and higher-income youth and one of the strong- est contributors to the high school dropout rate . . . Most youth lose about 2.6 months of math skills in the summer . . . By fifth grade, summer learning loss can leave low- income students 2 1/2 to 3 years behind their peers.

National Summer Learning Association

All students received 3 hours of math instruction per week for the 6 week period.

Marian University used AIMSweb test data (Pearson, 2012) to apply before and after tests on students’ math skills and had the testing independently scored and analyzed. One of the questions the study was looking to answer was the number of summer math hours required to stop math learning loss.

The AIMSweb, a short-term metric, showed significant increases in scores from pretest to post-test. The median dosage of hours of math activities over the course of the summer scored significantly higher on post to pretest differences than did children who participated in fewer than 8 hours.

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summer learning loss study

Children who participated in 8 hours or more math skills improved on average Rate of Increase (ROI) .5 per week or 4.0 percentile points over the 6 week period.[/caption]

summer learning loss study
Based on analyses of AIMS- web national normed progress monitoring scores, 79% of the children maintained math skills, gained math skills, or tested above grade level on math skills;21%lost math skills.[/caption]

MANGO Math is proud to have its curriculum featured as part of the Marian University Summer Learning Institute 2016 study.