Ideas for Math in Classroom

Ideas for Math in Classroom

August 19, 2014

There are many ways to get students doing math during the day. Here are some suggestions.

1. Have students earn money for tasks that they can then use to pay for items.
2. Instead of a DEAR (drop everything and read) time have a Magic Math time.
3. Find books that have math stories, younger kids books by Stuart j. Murphy are my favorite his books come in three different levels from pre-kindergarten to at oldest 3rd grade.

and for the older kids read The Number Devil a Mathematical Adventure by Hans Magnus Enzensberger.


4. Have a supply of math games available. Some of our favorities;

Blink is a great first game for students, has them recognizing and categorizing shape, number and color. My kids (all teenagers) and I still love playing it.


7ate9 is a great addition and subtraction game, it has students adding and subtracting quickly. Played like the game UNO but you have to add or subtract to place down a card.


Blokus is a great spacial reasoning game, best played with 4 players and can be played easily with kids grade 2 up.


PayDay was always a favorite with my kids, who doesn't enjoy counting money.


Sumoku is a simple addition game but has some very strategic thinking involved in it. You can easily chang the sum the students are to get their number lines to equal.

5. Have a MANGO Math crate available in your classroom. It is filled with games that reinforce specific math skills. Some great Kindergarten games are listed, check out the YouTube videos for each. Clip-on, Fill the Chute, Fruit Loot.