Parent School Partnership: How it works

Parent School Partnership: How it works

January 25, 2015

Years of research have shown that partnership between schools, families and communities contribute to improved student achievement and higher performance for schools (Henderson & Mapp, 2002).

Parent School Partnership STRATEGIES:

  • Invite families to school to observe how math skills are taught in the school classroom. Have them participate in the math lessons themselves. More frequently you have parents in the more success you will see.
  • Provide families information prior to report cards so they can help make a change and ask them to attend one of the observation lessons.
  • Include interesting math articles and facts in the class newsletter.
  • During school events give out math-related prices like books, playing cards, dice and flashcards
  • Provide families and students with activities to continue to work on math through the summer.
  • Assign interactive math homework which requires students to show and discuss with family members what they are working on in math.
  • Host fun math nights that have families solving and playing with math together.
  • Provide material and host workshops that help families to understand academic standards and math-related benchmarks appropriate to their child's age.
  • Use family and community members as math aides in the classroom.
  • Invite family and community members to the school to discuss how math is important in their careers.
  • Model positive attitudes about math and creative ways to think about math. Promote the joy of solving a difficult question.

Parent School Partnership: Targeted Strategies
For students who may need extra help with building math skills

  • Differentiate from the worksheets and try things that seem more game based or hands-on. Meet with family members and ask them how the students learns best (visually, by writing things down, by performing etc.).
  • Look for afterschool programs and community resources that have a math focus.
  • Develop cooperative relationships with supplemental educational services.