12 Years of MANGO Math

12 Years of MANGO Math

March 31, 2021

Today we celebrate 12 years of MANGO Math!

Mary Curry, a former math teacher, started MANGO Math with the idea of making math fun and engaging for students while also making sure that it was easy for teachers, after school providers and parents to implement.

Since 2009, MANGO Math has turned hundreds of thousands of children on to math. 

What started as humble beginnings in Seattle, WA has now spread to hundreds of schools, after-school programs, libraries, summer schools, 4-H groups, community centers and homes all over the United States!

Beginnings in 2009
Where we were in 2016! Where will we go next?

Throughout the years, we have had the honor of meeting so many amazing educators! Every year we attend and present at many conferences throughout the country, such as the Summer Learning Conference, Beyond School Hours Conference, BOOST and many more. Mary Curry speaks at those conferences and trains teachers with the mission of reducing anxiety and negative feelings around mathematics to help improve students’ math success.

“‘Arlie instantly loved [MANGO Math]. Within three or four weeks, I saw a complete change in her attitude about math.’ Arlie’s teachers noticed, too. They told her mother ‘Arlie’s confidence in math translated to a greater sense of self-esteem in other subjects.’ Today, ‘Arlie’s one of the better (math) students.’” - Christine Cobb, parent. Everett Herald, January 20, 2012.

Not only do teachers and parents swear by it, we also have the research to prove that MANGO Math does, in fact, improve students’ math success!

Starting in 2016, Marian University – Indianapolis, IN utilized MANGO Math's game-based, hands-on curriculum as part of its 5-year longitudinal study on promising practices for stopping and reversing summer learning loss in under-served and under-represented youth. 

The results? Students that participated in a structured math program using MANGO Math improved their math score by 67%! You can learn more about this study here.

MANGO Math Group has put together some great math thinking packets to build a student’s math confidence. Some of the packets are so fun that my math-reluctant children will actually choose to do a packet, adding more math to their day!” - The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

After 12 years in the business, we can now boast having strong evidence-based curriculum for grades K-8 that meet state standards and are fun and easy-to-implement.

We appreciate each and every single person who has supported MANGO Math in any capacity. We are proud to bring you and your students success in math!

Here’s to 12 more years!