5th day of XMath

5th day of XMath

December 11, 2014

How can educators make math engaging, enjoyable, and educational? MANGO Math, a Common Core State Standard based curriculum, is a colorful and exciting set of manipulatives, lesson, and activities for classrooms, math centers, resource rooms and after-school programs, and much more,  for grades K-8.

Making Math Fun: MANGO Math

Designed by educators, this supplemental program improves math skills, increases cognitive understanding, creative thinking and develops strategic thinking as students play.  In addition, targeted vocabulary and guided questions help students enhance their problem-solving skills and better articulate their reasoning in a group setting.  As teachers, we know how busy it is in the classroom so we have done the work for you.  Writing individual lessons that work on specific math skills as well as developing best math practices that help students succeed.  This is a great resource.

There are crates for each grade level from kindergarten through 5th grade, as well as a Pre-Algebra 6, 7, 8th grade crate and a Sports and Math Crate.   Each crate contains 20 to 25 games to help reinforce mathematics skills and concepts appropriate to each grade. There is a total of 165 different lessons.  With individual packaging for each lesson, it's easy for teachers and educators to sort and organize lessons neatly in the crate itself. Each lesson can be shared for up to 4 students each, making it a perfect group project addition to an existing lesson plan.

Every lesson has its own individual directions for adults to easily and coherently explain the rules and directions for each lesson, making it perfect for veteran teachers or educators who are just beginning their careers. Check out our YouTube Channel for examples.

When you're ready to add an exciting and helpful twist to your existing math curriculum, contact the MANGO Math team today or order a crate online!