April 4, 2013

The workday is 9-5, but the school day is 8-3. Where do all those kids go in the afternoon? One of the best answers is “to an afterschool program”. Educational after school programs have been shown to have a huge positive impact on learning, behavior, attitude, performance, attendance, aspirations, and discipline (Secrets of Successful After School Programs: What Research Reveals, Harvard, They do this by providing opportunities for students to explore new topics and practice old ones in a positive, hands-on, and differentiated learning environment.


The National AfterSchool Association (NAA) is a strong advocate for these augmented learning experiences. The Association recognizes the positive affect after school programs can have on students’ development. The NAA is “working to assure that the vision of high-quality learning experiences for all children and youth both in and out of school becomes a reality” ( Next week in Indianapolis, the NAA is holding their annual convention (the only national convention for afterschool professionals) for those involved or looking to be involved in after school enrichment.MANGO Math will be there, along with STEMfinity, illustrating how MANGO Math crates and totes are a great addition to any after school program, and learning how we can be involved with bettering our students’ afterschool education. If you’re in Indianapolis, stop by the booth to say hello and get a free deck of MANGO playing cards!

Here is am example of a MANGO Math game that reinforces hard math skills, encouraging students to practice deductive algebra reasoning.