Educators Spotlight: Boys & Girls Club South County

Educators Spotlight: Boys & Girls Club South County

MANGO Math has the privilege of partnering with great organizations that work with students in the area of mathematics. One example of a great organization that uses MANGO Math is the Boys and Girls Club of South County. Their director Bibiana Salazar was interview by our staff on what their organization does and how MANGO Math is there for support.

Tell us a bit about the history of BGC South County?

The Boys & Girls Clubs of South County opened its doors in 1966, known as The Boys Club, serving boys from all backgrounds in Imperial Beach and surrounding communities. After 20 years, membership was open to girls and in 1989 the Boys & Girls Club of Imperial Beach was incorporated. We have been in a partnership with the South Bay Union School District for over 21 years. Serving their Extended Learning Program, ASES for 11 different schools around the district.  

Number of locations?

We are currently serving 11 different schools.

Number of children served?

We are currently serving about 1,300 students

Something interesting about your program you would like to share?

Like a lot of programs, we serve students of all backgrounds. Us being so close to the border, we have many students that arrive to our schools since 6:00am and leave campus until 6:00pm. These students struggle academically because they unfortunately do not have the means or time to focus on their studies. During the Extended Learning Program, we focus a lot of our work in making learning fun for our students, so they do not have to struggle and they can do better in class. We try to understand everyone’s needs and struggles, so we can help every student we serve.

How has Mango Math impacted your program?

Mango Math has impacted our programs in a very positive manner. We have always focused our program around STEM, but for some reason, we never knew how to implement the M in STEM. Mango Math has not only made it easier to implement, but they have made it fun. Our students see the Mango Math box getting pulled out and they are already excited. Math has not only became easier for our students to understand, but us as staff as well. This is learning disguised as fun and games.

What are your future goals for your program?

We want to continue making learning fun for all of our students. Our goals is to fulfill our mission statement by continuing to serve students of all backgrounds, and provide all these enrichments opportunities to help them develop qualities needed to become great leaders in our communities.

Anything else you would like to add?

We want to thank Mango Math for all the help and support they have given the Boys & Girls Clubs of South County and South Bay Union School District’s Extended Learning. You have made a change in our programs and in our students. Thank you.

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