Get the Free Amazing Math Race

Get the Free Amazing Math Race

April 13, 2020

MANGO Math has created a AMAZING way for students to work on math: The AMAZING MATH Race!! This race has students working on new challenges, solving ancient problems, empowering them to go beyond numbers into mathematical thought and creating mathematical proficiency. This game is a play off the reality tv series the Amazing Race, where competitors have to solve problems before they can more on.

Join in on the fun!

In order to complete this math race students will need a basic understanding of multiplication and division. All students will then be given the first of twelve math questions, they are to answer the question correctly before they are given another question (Think CBS's Amazing Race reality show). Giving one question at a time creates the perseverance and excitement around solving the problems. Educators aren't expected to be reachable at all parts of the day, which is good as this allows other students can then catch up. You can decide if you post students progress in the race.

If you are interested in having your students complete in this Amazing Math Race we are happy to email you the PDF of the race questions and the answer key.

When students finish the race we would love for you to send us their first name, school/organization, state and grade, and if you like, the educators name. We are then going to a a virtual math parade on our social media sites where we cheer each student's success.

Click on the link below to join the race and check out some of the sample questions.

And thanks for all the hard work you are having to do to make sure your students are still learning during this time.

Click here for Amazing Math Race

Sample Questions

What numbers goes into each circle so that the four calculations are correct?

Where do these symbols fit in a 100s chart?

Make sure to let others know they can participate as well. Have them contact us for the PDF. We want to have students from all 50 states and beyond participating.