If the world population were a school classroom

If the world population were a school classroom

July 13, 2016

March Calendar

MANGO Math March 2017 Calendar

Enjoy the fun of MANGO Math's March calendar

These problems provide students with great algebraic thinking skills. Students will start to understand concepts regarding balanced equations. A student can add or subtract the same number of shape or multiply or divide by the same number or shape on both sides of an equation, which is called equation property. Students can use other properties while solve these problems like Distributive Property or Associative Property. Which will help them in solving these problems.

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You can also check out our great math crates that provide many problem solving activities like this. Our Pre-Algebra crate is filled with activities just like these in the calendar. Teaching algebraic thinking in different ways. Having students applying the paper and pencil problems into fun, challenging visual problems. Have students replace the shapes with numbers. Do the problems work? I personally had to give the shapes a value, that is how I solved many of the problems. Does it matter which numbers you select? Can there only be one correct answer? What if you replaced shapes with variables. Can the problems still work out?

Let us know how you enjoy the problems!

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