MANGO Math February Calendar

MANGO Math February Calendar

February 1, 2017

Getting students to do well in math can start with a smile.

world smile day

School is starting so let’s have an ATTITUDE CHECK!

What do you say when someone says, do you like math?

Do you say: Math is Awesome!! I love math!!! I am a math enthusiast!!!

Even if you don’t think those things you need to show and say those things to get all your students to succeed in math.

Attitude in math is everything!!!

If a student comes up to you and shows you their lunch and says “my mom packed me broccoli!”. And you say, “I don’t like broccoli”, “I’m not really a broccoli person” that plants a little seed of doubt in that child’s mind. Be careful of the seeds you are sowing. Simple statements like “I’m not a math person” or “Math and I aren’t friends” can be that little seed that grows weeds of doubt.

A smile, a laugh, a chuckle when doing math in the classroom or after school helps release stress and gives confidence to students when doing math.

in class math game

Research done by Jadwiga Domino

Teachers' Influences on Students' Attitudes Toward Mathematics

Research and Teaching in Developmental Education

Vol. 26, No. 1 (Fall 2009), pp. 32-54

Shows that

… Teachers influenced students’ understanding and attitudes toward mathematics through the way that they taught … In particular, students claimed that they understood and liked mathematics when their teachers had fun and interesting lessons, had the students actively engaged…how related to their lives, …slowed pace…enthusiastic about math.

"Research shows that bad feelings about math begets bad grades which begets bad attitude." "Teaching math isn’t just about numbers and formulas, Pekrun says. How students feel about those numbers — whether they approach them with curiosity or dread — also matters."

Here are some suggestions on positive phrase to use with students when working on math:

  • I am glad you are in my class
possible feedback
  • Glad you are here today, we would have missed you
  • You really tried hard
  • I appreciate you
  • You are catching on
  • You have the ability to think outside the box
  • I have confidence in your ability to find a solution
  • I value your input
  • Your skills are improving
  • That’s a great effort
  • The effort you are putting forth is showing
  • That is an interesting point, thank you for sharing

Now get out there, become a math enthusiast! Or at the very least grin and bear it, for the sake of your students.

We all can do our part in getting students to become confident in math!

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