MANGO Math recognized as "quality curriculum" by CASRC

MANGO Math recognized as "quality curriculum" by CASRC

February 10, 2013

California After School Resource Center accepts Mango Math curriculum
into state-wide after school programming

Snohomish, WA – Jan 31, 2013 – After an extensive review process, The California After School Resource Center (CASRC) has accepted Mango Math curriculum into their repertoire of quality after school educational tools. Mango math’s supplemental curriculum is filled with games and activities that are fun and engaging, encouraging mathematical development in students kindergarten through eighth grade. These activities will now be available to 5,000 California after school programs through CASRC’s comprehensive resource library. Part of CASRC’s mission is to support quality after school programming state-wide with examined instructional materials to promote literacy and mathematics skills in all grade levels ( All materials pass through a four-month review process by the Center’s Material Review Board, which is comprised of educators and after school staff throughout California.

After school programs can enable students to gain confidence and understanding, while providing a safe, positive learning environment. Students have the opportunity to explore topics in depth, develop conceptual understanding, and use new tools to stay engaged in learning. According to one study focused on after school programs for low-income elementary and middle school students, children that regularly attended one of 35 programs were academically far ahead of their peers. In addition to higher test scores, the participating students had better work habits, social skills, and behavior. Deborah Lowe Vandell, PhD., Chair of the Department of Education at University of California at Irvine, emphasizes the study’s results: “These findings underscore the importance of high quality afterschool programs and activities for both elementary and middle school youth.” (

As part of the CASRC’s resource library, Mango Math will have the opportunity to reach thousands of California elementary and middle school students. After school participants will have access to Mango Math’s unique game-based activities and lessons designed to engage students, build confidence, and inspire mathematical dialogue. “It is just so exciting to know that students will have more opportunities to do math,” says Mary Curry, founder and owner of Mango Math Group. “Our activities are engaging and fun. Through this opportunity we hope to encourage more students to pursue math in high school and college”.