Math Explanation through Exploration

Math Explanation through Exploration

Mathematics isa beautiful field of study, rich with observable patterns and examples.  

Children, with their innate curiosity, often find themselves drawn to mathematical concepts. They frequently explore mathematical ideas when they compare things, sort and clas­sify objects, recognize shapes and create patterns. 

Here is how MANGO Math sets up our lessons to encourage exploration:

Observation and Structured Inquiry: Students can use manipulatives to explore math concepts.

o   Even Stevenstudents use snap blocks to explore even and odd numbers from single-digit to multiple-digit numbers. Found in our 2ndgrade kit

o  Cookie Munch students use pattern blocks to explore equivalent fractions. Found in our 3rdgrade kit.

o  Triangle Techie students use exploragon segments to create the different types of triangles. Found in our Middle School kit

Reflect and hypothesize: Students play games where they are continually provided different mathematical scenarios that makes students reflect on what “moves” they and their teammates make to progress in the game and broaden their mathematical understanding.

Feedback and self-discovery: When students discover math for themselves, they tap into their natural intuitions which builds self-efficacy and a feeling of “I did this!” which builds:

o   Confidence

o   Making Sense of the World

o   Communication

o   Social Skills

o   Problem-Solving and Reasoning

All these lessons provide students with the ability to create and observe math and then use the understanding of one problem to expand into other math problems. Making math enjoyable and understandable.