Math Practice, Drill, Baby, Drill vs Play, Baby, Play

Math Practice, Drill, Baby, Drill vs Play, Baby, Play

August 17, 2017

Summer Camps with Math, Sum Dividingly, Frac-tastic, Fun!

Summer learning loss in mathematics is a huge problem. Students on average lose 2.6 months of math knowledge over the summer. This means that teachers must take that 2.6 month to reteach that material and still get through the standards required for the current grade. This widens the achievement gap especially with low-income kids, but it does just affect them, all students are susceptible to losing math skills. Many parents, and their children, don’t think about math as existing outside of the classroom.

What can we do to change that?

Four Ways to Beat the Sum-mer Math Slide

  1. Highlight the math in every day activities. MANGO Math makes that easy to do with our MONEY MATTERS CRATE for 3rd – 5th graders, this kit highlights every day activities like dividing a check, deciding what is the best deal, saving vs spending of money, supply vs demand, counting change, and much, much, more. MANGO Math Sports Crate has students learning to keep score in baseball, or angle shots in hockey, or follow a routine in dance, learning how math plays a part in many different sports.
  2. Read short math problems and stories together. MANGO Math has a Problem-Solving Crate for K – 2nd This kit has easy to play math problems that can be done before bedtime. There are fun monster making activity, fruit salad problems, tower replicating and many other games that are quiet activities to do with children before bed. There are also a great many books written by Stuart J. Murphy that are fantastic math stories as well as Bedtime Math books.
  3. Play math games. MANGO Math has over 200 math games for students’ grades k – 8. These math games reinforce those skills students need to master to succeed in math and they are FUN!!! There are many other games out there like Blokus, Monopoly, Blink, Set, Payday, all rely on skills necessary for math, such as counting, categorizing and strategizing. Even playing with blocks or putting together jigsaw puzzles helps build spatial skills.
  4. Find small says to practice math at home. Skip count, count backwards, bake, build, create, collect objects and categorize them, get a deck of cards and practice math facts. Check out our YouTube videos or our MANGO Math Blog to find other ideas on how to incorporate math at home.

I love summer time and I know that it is hard to find time for mathematics, but you can do it and we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you. Enjoy Math!

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