Thankful for Math

Thankful for Math

August 17, 2013

Top 10 Reasons

#1 When someone talks about an acute angle, you'll know not to say, “oh yeah, that angle is so cute.”

#2 Knowing you’re a millionaire because you can count that high.

#3 Knowing that a factor tree is not the oak next to the school
parking lot.

#4 Pi Day, isn't really about pie, but don't tell anyone.

#5 Realizing that people can be like numbers: irrational, complex and perfect.

#6 Realizing that place value doesn't refer to how close
your desk is to the vending machine.

#7 Understanding that the distributive property has nothing
to do with real estate.

#8 Solving word problems could lead to solving problems!

#9 Knowing that a negative number isn't a number with an attitude

#10 Knowing that if there are 50 students in a class then it's virtually certain that two will share the same birthday, so hope they both bring in a cake.
Create some fun lists like this with your students.