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K-5 Summer Math Camp

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Elevate your students' summer with MANGO Math's Summer Math Camp, designed for students in grades K-5. Our program weaves together the essential math strands of Measurement, Algebraic Thinking, Number Sense, Geometry, and Odds & Order. MANGO Math takes the lead in providing an enriching experience by offering 20 distinct math games per kit, totaling an impressive 120 games for Kindy – Fifth Grade.

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These carefully crafted games not only reinforce grade level math concepts but also foster problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Backed by research, our math games have proven success in maintaining and advancing students' knowledge. Say goodbye to summer learning stress and hello to a season filled with enjoyable math exploration. Contact us today to transform your child's summer into a vibrant and dynamic mathematical adventure!

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Kindergarten through fifth grade math kits.

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