In-Class Centers

Transform your classroom into a dynamic hub of mathematical exploration with MANGO Math – where learning centers become vibrant zones of engagement and collaboration. Our differentiated learning environment goes beyond traditional teaching, catering to the unique needs of every student. No more teaching to the "middle" – MANGO Math ensures all students actively participate in the learning process.

Learning Centers, designed with flexibility in mind, enable teachers to observe, assist, and engage with students individually or in small groups. According to Eric Jensen's research in Teaching with the Brain in Mind, a change of location is a powerful tool to recapture attention, making these workstations the perfect solution to refocus students on the task at hand.

Integrate MANGO Math seamlessly into your learning centers – each game or activity serves as a hassle-free and sustainable station. Students choose a game, grab the bag with all materials, and dive into a world of interactive learning. The reusable pieces eliminate worries about consumables or printing worksheets, ensuring a stress-free teaching experience.

Aligned with the five main math strands – Measurement, Algebra, Number Sense, Geometry, and Odds & Order (Data Gathering and Probability) – MANGO Math allows easy organization of stations. Whether focusing on a specific strand or working across strands, our curriculum offers flexibility without any dependency on the order of lessons. Customize lessons based on student skills with access to kits from multiple grade levels, providing a seamless and enjoyable learning experience that transcends traditional grade standards.

Elevate your classroom experience with MANGO Math – the key to transforming learning centers into dynamic hubs of mathematical excitement and success! Join us on this journey where every game is a step towards mathematical mastery!