Out-of-School Time

Revolutionize your afterschool programs with MANGO Math Kits – designed to seamlessly integrate into your curriculum with utmost ease. These kits offer an innovative and hands-on approach to math education, making them the perfect resource for after-school providers looking to enhance the learning experience.

MANGO Math understands the demands of afterschool settings, and that's why our kits come with user-friendly, easy-to-follow directions. Empower your providers with straightforward instructions that ensure a smooth implementation of activities, allowing them to focus on engaging students rather than navigating complex materials.

To further support your afterschool programs, MANGO Math provides a dedicated YouTube channel. Access a wealth of resources, including tutorials, demonstrations, and additional insights that complement the activities in the kits. This multimedia approach makes it convenient for providers to enhance their understanding and deliver impactful sessions effortlessly.

Transform your afterschool sessions into dynamic STEM hubs with MANGO Math Kits. With accessible resources and user-friendly directions, we make it easy for after-school providers to create engaging and effective learning experiences. Join us in fostering a love for math and STEM in afterschool programs with MANGO Math!