Research strongly advocates the effectiveness of one-on-one or small group tutoring in enhancing students' grades, study skills, and confidence, particularly in specific math concepts. MANGO Math games and activities serve as an ideal resource for tutors working with students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Tailored lessons within each grade level aid in comprehending specific skills and encourage perseverance in finding solutions. Aligned with the Common Core math strands, each game offers guided questions to foster abstract and quantitative reasoning.

While tutoring is beneficial at any age, starting young is most impactful. According to a Wall Street Journal article, fostering a positive attitude toward math at an early age lays the foundation for academic success. MANGO Math provides a plethora of games designed to make learning math enjoyable and accessible for parents and educators, offering a fun and easy way to engage children in mathematical concepts. With research-backed content aligning with grade-level skills, these games build a positive foundation for mathematics, making learning a joyful and impactful experience. Join us at MANGO Math – where learning meets fun and success!