Empower struggling students with MANGO Math games and activities in an intervention program – the ultimate solution for mastering challenging math skills! Addressing key areas identified by math experts, our games provide the crucial time and repetition needed for a comprehensive grasp of underlying theories.

Each MANGO Math game strategically focuses on specific skills within the common core strands – Measurement, Algebraic Thinking, Number Sense with Operations and Fractions, Geometry, and Order (Data). Tailoring activities to individual needs is effortless, ensuring targeted skill development. Our games, known for being fun and hands-on, captivate attention and increase participation, fostering a winning mindset.

Encourage perseverance and skill mastery as students repeat games to develop regularity in reasoning. For those grappling with multistep problems, MANGO Math emphasizes strategies like "walking" and "talking" through problems, enhancing accuracy. In resource rooms or small group settings, our lessons actively engage students in talking through processes, reinforcing specific skills and creating an environment where active participation fuels accelerated learning.

Don't just teach – transform learning into a dynamic and participatory experience with MANGO Math. Elevate student engagement, encourage self-expression, and watch as struggling learners turn into confident achievers! Join us at MANGO Math – where every game is a step towards mathematical success!