Summer Camps

Summer learning loss, affecting all students regardless of socio-economic status, is a recognized phenomenon where math skills decline by approximately 2 months (Cooper, Duke University, 2000). While reading is promoted during this time, math practice tends to be neglected, emphasizing the importance of summer programs with a math focus to sustain essential skills.

Summer math programs are instrumental in enhancing a child’s mathematical comprehension, offering additional time and explanations for those grappling with math concepts. MANGO Math's adaptability makes it an ideal fit for any program, accommodating both individual and group activities. Aligned with common core and NCTM standards, MANGO Math assures educators that the skills reinforced align seamlessly with school curriculum.

MANGO Math applies these three strategies to combat summer learning loss:

  1. Repetition: Keep math facts fresh through engaging games employing cards, dice, or spinners. Use manipulatives for random number generation and practice core operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Incorporate money to reinforce decimal concepts.
  2. Explanation through Exploration: Equip students with tools like pattern blocks and connecting cubes for hands-on exploration of concepts like area, perimeter, and volume. Utilize rulers and measuring tape to teach units and foster an understanding of even and odd numbers through interactive partnerships with objects.
  3. Problem-Solving: Foster critical thinking skills through strategic games. Consistent play encourages the development of strategic and deductive reasoning, contributing to long-term success.